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at Wahoo, we are the leading aluminum floating dock manufacturer in North America known for creating top-quality floating aluminum docks and boat dock products

A Wahoo Aluminum Dock Is Engineered for Excellence

Don’t be fooled by imitators on such a major investment.  Only a Wahoo aluminum floating dock will include our patented boat dock features.  …Tim Osby – Owner, Founder, & CEO – Wahoo Docks

Wahoo Docks is owned by engineers and every Wahoo aluminum floating dock we produce is designed by an engineer.

A boat dock endures some sort of stress 24/7. Considering the hazards of poor boat dock design, you’d think every dock on the market would be painstakingly drafted by an engineering professional. But that’s just not the case. There are actually very few engineers in the entire dock industry creating boat dock designs. Wahoo is different. Through extensive R&D, advanced engineering principles, and decades of marine experience, we have developed our *patented boat dock system.

If you shop around, sure, you’ll find pieces of our patented aluminum floating dock designs. However, none of these imitation aluminum boat docks will capture the entirety of our dock designs or even the primary facets & benefits of a Wahoo aluminum dock.


Each and every Wahoo aluminum dock is designed & drafted by an Engineer


Stronger, better, and more aluminum than other docks


Our patented boat dock systems mean a more durable aluminum dock


A Wahoo aluminum dock exudes class and distinction

wahoo aluminum docks - often imitated - never truly replicated

The Wahoo Aluminum Boat Docks Story

We started building the finest quality boat dock systems over 30 years ago, and we pioneered the heavy-framed aluminum dock over a decade ago. Today, Wahoo is the largest builder of residential boat docks in North America, represented by a network of aluminum dock dealers that embody the most talented boat dock professionals in the industry. We sell our residential floating boat docks exclusively through this network and manage commercial dock projects / commercial marine construction from our headquarters in Northeast Georgia. Wahoo Docks is recognized for building the highest-quality boat dock systems available with an emphasis on dock strength and dock durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance.

the WAHOO aluminum docks difference...



Wahoo aluminum docks have unique aesthetic features


boat dock plans with wahoo patented bracing


aluminum dock noise eliminating bushings


dock plans with patented pole receivers


lake dock designs dock specific accessories




lake dock designs dock specific furniture


floating boat dock premium dock options


We consistently strive for the perfect balance between strength and economy. We use only the most idealaluminum dock materials, such as marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel to maximize boat dock strength and minimize floating dock dock maintenance. Yet, we never compromise the visual appeal of our floating boat dock designs.

Aside from our numerous aluminum boat dock manufacturing patents, we incorporate over 45 proprietary boat dock castings and extrusions in our docks, creating a finished appearance to our boat dock designs unlike any other. This means you get a boat dock incomparable not only in quality construction, but also in beauty.

Patent Information: US7806630, US8157480, US8668407, US20140123588

superiority is never accidental

Strength & Beauty... By Design

More Metal

Wahoo Docks boat dock designs use more metal and structure reinforcement than other aluminum docks on the market. We select the shapes of our boat dock designs to maximize the strength of the dock design and the boat dock as a whole.

All of the aluminum docks we build and their supporting structures are analyzed using proprietary algorithms to assess potential shortcomings and opportunities for enhancements of the boat dock plans. This means every boat dock we produce is ideally designed to achieve maximum durability in the most efficient manner possible.

Why Aluminum?

We build aluminum docks because aluminum is weathers well due to its strength and its ability to resist environmental degradation.

For wet, marine-based applications, aluminum is the most effective way to achieve a durable, long-lasting, structure. Also, no paint or stain is required because aluminum doesn’t need a protective coating. This promotes a healthy marine environment and virtually eliminates costly dock maintenance, allowing you to enjoy stress-free boat dock ownership.

Technological Advantage

At the heart of our operations are two, in-house-developed, state-of-the-art, computer software systems.

DREAM (Dock Rendering Engine & Modeler) uses proprietary algorithms to allow our engineers to create 2D and 3D dock models. It also produces manufacturing schematics. DOTS – our Dock Order and Tracking System – handles our inventory, manufacturing, and delivery logistics, ensuring all dock projects meet our quality standards and reach the correct destination on schedule every time.

Custom Components

Wahoo has invested heavily in developing & delivering tooling, extrusions, and castings so that we can deliver an aluminum dock with a finish unlike any other.

For example, if you look closely you will notice that a Wahoo custom dock gangway is safe, strong, and visually appealing.  You’ll also see aluminum railing with 15 separate components—creating a custom-home-like look. You’ll even glimpse dock roof poles with cast feet around the base to hide decking cuts. We could go on… In total, we have over 40 proprietary or patented boat dock products that result in an aluminum dock with a truly custom-crafted appearance.

Premium Materials

A boat dock should be enjoyed. To achieve this, dock maintenance must be minimal.

This is why we’ve put so much effort into material science when creating each and every element of Wahoo Docks boat dock designs. From the powerhouse 6061-T6 aluminum used for all parts of the aluminum dock structure; to the stainless steel dock fasteners for all attachments; the UHME-PE bushings that provide a long-lasting, quiet boat dock; and even the powder-coating we use on all painted dock components… we take our aluminum dock material selection seriously. The bottom line? Check out any Wahoo aluminum boat dock anywhere, at any age, and see how well our boat docks stand the test of time.

Dock Options

Because your boat dock is a big investment, we believe it should be a reflection of you and your tastes. Everything we do is set up to help you achieve your vision.

It starts with our creative engineering team, who’ve designed thousands of unique docks, even pioneering today’s common upper-deck-with-roof dock style, as well as the hip-and-a-half dock style, and the gable-and-a-half boat dock roof options. We also provide boat dock finishing options you can’t find elsewhere—like many dock colors, dock roofing, and boat dock decking choices. We also offer a wide selection of boat dock railing.  Then, there are the boat dock furniture and boat dock accessories only available on aluminum floating docks built by Wahoo. No two Wahoo aluminum docks are ever the same and we love it.

the secret sauce to a leading competitive edge

A Business Model That Works

A key ingredient to the success we enjoy at Wahoo Docks as the country’s top aluminum floating dock manufacturer, is the collaborative effort within the Wahoo Docks team–both within our corporate headquarters and with our extended dealer network.

Residential Dock Sales - Our Dealer Network

Our docks are sold exclusively through a network of certified Wahoo Docks dealers throughout the US and Canada who are recognized leaders in their respective territories.

Every Wahoo Docks dealer has an unparalleled level of knowledge and skill in dock design, dock delivery, and dock installation. Wahoo dealers also stay up to date on regulatory issues, marine construction advances, and best practices. In addition to their own impressive backgrounds, we provide continued education through Wahoo-sponsored trips, annual network-wide meetings, and evaluations. This means that you can be confident that your local Wahoo Docks dealer is not only an expert in the dock industry, but also has the desire and ability to understand and execute your dock-building vision and goals. We believe this approach allows our company to provide you with the benefits of a superior dock product with outstanding service, best achieved by local craftsmen with in-depth regional knowledge.

Commercial Waterfront Projects - North American Headquarters

For our team here at Wahoo Docks, there is no commercial marine construction project that is too large.

No matter the scale or perceived enormity of your project, we have the skills and resources to not only plan, design, and execute your project, but to do so with the top-tier customer service, performance, and delivery our residential customers enjoy and have come to expect. From public docks to marina construction; commercial or extended gangways – even those required to be handicapped-accessible – to developing floating platform establishments; we will always meet and exceed your greatest expectations. These projects are serviced through Wahoo Marine at our North American Wahoo Docks headquarters in Gainesville, GA  and we will be with you every step of the way during your project.

When we started Wahoo Docks, our mission was to develop a product of unmatched quality with an emphasis on strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. We wanted our docks to be low maintenance, too. Today, we’ve achieved that goal. You simply will not find a stronger or more beautiful dock anywhere else.
– Tim Osby, Founder & Owner, Wahoo Decks

Wahoo Docks and Wahoo Decks founders and owners, Tim Osby and Chip Hawkins

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