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When you commit to an aluminum boat docks builder, you expect your dock to last. At Wahoo, we also believe that when you commit to this investment, you deserve a dock that is not only functional and fun, but that can withstand the elements and time—with as little ongoing maintenance and expense as possible. Your floating dock anchoring method is a big part of making this reality.

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For the most part, the dock anchoring of floating aluminum boat docks is intended to keep the dock in place and is not for dock stabilization purposes.

Factors used to determine which floating aluminum dock anchoring method to use include:

  • The depth of the water
  • The distance of the dock from the shore
  • The potential amount and frequency of water level fluctuations
  • The amount of wind and wave loads on the dock
  • The dock configuration
  • Local regulatory restrictions
  • And more…

How are Wahoo’s aluminum docks anchoring methods better than the competition?

Because the anchoring points on a dock are subjected to exceptionally high stresses, we give our aluminum boat docks extra reinforcement at all anchoring points and use intelligent design to minimize any stresses that result from the constant, multi-dimensional forces exerted on floating docks.

Since floating dock anchoring is so important, we highly recommend that you take the advice of your local Wahoo Docks dealer when you decide which anchoring method to use.

All Wahoo Docks aluminum docks dealers have extensive training and experience with dock anchoring methods.

Sometimes, the boat dock anchoring method a floating dock owner has in mind is not the best option for the long-term protection of their dock investment. The anchoring of a boat dock is perhaps the area most susceptible to issue. Because of this, it is vital to your project that you consult with your Wahoo Dealer before making a decision.

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Although we have used a wide variety of floating aluminum dock anchoring methods over the years, most Wahoo aluminum docks are anchored using one or a combination of the methods described below.


aluminum boat docks cable anchoring


aluminum boat docks anchoring pole and sleeve


aluminum boat docks floating aluminum docks anchoring with piles


floating aluminum boat docks anchoring stiff arm


Different Choices

Comparison of the Most Common Dock Anchoring Methods

Pole Anchoring Pile Anchoring Stiff Arm Anchoring Cable Anchoring Cable Anchoring Cable Anchoring Cable Anchoring
Dock to Shore Dead Weights Combination Self Adjusting
Depth 15′ 20+ Depending on location Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Fluctuation Unlimited 15+ Depending on location Variable Dependent on Stiff Arm length Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Action Heavy Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate
Cost Moderate Moderate to High Moderate Low High if not aligned correctly. Moderate Moderate Moderate
Maintenance Low None None Low High High Moderate

= the aluminum boat docks anchoring method just right for you

Cable Anchoring

Cable Anchoring – Aluminum Boat Dock Anchoring Method

Aluminum Dock Cable Anchoring is the most common, cost-effective, and simple method for anchoring a floating dock. (It is often also the best method.) This flexible dock anchoring method is commonly used because it is economical and suitable for situations that can be challenging for other anchoring methods—such as in areas where water fluctuations are frequent and severe or where water depths are extreme. Cable anchoring for docks< can also be used on docks that need to chase the water during seasonal fluctuations.

There are four general forms of cable anchoring for docks, and each offers a unique set of advantages based on different needs.

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Pole & Sleeve Anchoring

Pole & Sleeve Anchoring – Aluminum Dock Anchoring Method

Pole & sleeve aluminum dock anchoring is a useful anchoring method for docks that experience heavy wind and wave loads but require the flexibility to move toward and away from the shore to chase seasonal water level fluctuations. This system consists of a rigid sleeve attached to the dock, through which slides a 4″ or 3″ diameter, 20′ long galvanized steel pole. Because the sleeve keeps the pole vertical, the pole buries itself into the lake bed and does not need to be driven (unless the bottom is rocky.) A winch is secured to the sleeve reels in a cable attached to the bottom of the pole to facilitate its withdrawal from the ground when the dock needs to be moved.

aluminum boat docks anchoring pole sleeve large

Piles Anchoring

Piles Anchoring – Aluminum Dock Anchoring Method

Pile anchoring

is a stable dock anchoring system suitable for heavy load locations and is a good option for aluminum boat docks that do not need to chase large seasonal water fluctuations. Two-piling and multi-piling options are common and can consist of a variety of materials including wood, steel, concrete, and fiberglass.

Wahoo docks are secured to dock anchoring piles using pile rollers, which consist of UHMW-PE rollers (an ultra-hard plastic material) enclosed inside of an aluminum frame or UHMW-PE rub rail enclosed in an aluminum frame.

pile aluminum dock anchoring large

Stiff Arm Anchoring

Stiff Arm Anchoring – Aluminum Dock Anchoring Method

Stiff Arm aluminum dock anchoring is an economical and effective means for

Wahoo incorporates several stiff arm dock anchoring designs depending on the expected loads that will be placed on the system and the overall distance from the shore to the dock. Stiff Arms can be provided in lengths of up to 60 feet.

aluminum boat dock anchoring stiff arm large

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