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The perfect complement to a Wahoo dock that is engineered for excellence, longevity, and low maintenance is a boat dock decking surface that is just as beautiful and built to last.

We offer a variety of top-quality boat dock decking surface options, such as our patented Wahoo AridDek™ aluminum decking or Rockwood Timber Group™ thermo-treated hardwood.

Of course, there are other dock surface products to choose from. Some of our most popular surfaces include Ipe, TimberTech wood composite decking surfaces, and even concrete. These are our most popular boat deck surface selections but there are even others we offer that create an amazing finished dock.

So Many Boat Dock Decking Choices

each deliberately offered for premium performance & appeal

Your Wahoo Docks dealer can help you pick the perfect boat dock decking surface for your needs, taste, and budget. Check out some of our available options below.


Over a decade ago, we engineered AridDek™ aluminum decking as the perfect compliment to our nearly no-maintenance boat docks. AridDek aluminum decking is also virtually maintenance-free and can withstand even the worst natural conditions.  It’s also safe and durable—every step of the way.

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The good stuff… AridDek is:

  • Easy to Clean: To keep your Aridek surface clean, just use a periodic soap and water bath. *As with any coating, do not pressure wash.
  • Cool to the Touch: Ever burn your feet on a hot deck surface? This won’t happen with AridDek aluminum decking! Unlike other deck products that retain heat, the high conductivity of aluminum means heat evenly dissipates resulting in a surface that stays cooler—even on hot summer days.
  • Durable: Insects can’t harm AridDek and it won’t split, splinter, decay, crack, or rot.
  • Non-Combustible: AridDek won’t ignite or burn.
  • Lightweight: Weighing only 2 pounds per square foot, AridDek is A LOT lighter than wood, composites, or concrete. This makes it ideal for upper deck applications or free-spanning gangways.
  • Mildew-Resistant: Relatively non-porous, AridDek is more resistant to mold and mildew than wood and composites.
  • Family and Environmentally Friendly: No harmful chemicals are required to protect or maintain AridDek and it can be recycled with no structural deterioration.
  • …Only Available at Wahoo Docks: Accept no substitutes. AridDek was 100% designed and engineered by Wahoo Docks. Sure, others have tried to replicate this US patented product (US Patent No. 8,276,344) that connects via a tongue-and-groove design and can accommodate varying widths and spaces. But because they are imitating and not really duplicating, the results for these illegal copycat products, in terms of durability and load, don’t really even come close.

AridDek Colors:

There are three available colors: Sandstone, Granite, and Artisan Clay.

View all AridDek aluminum decking colors.

AridDek Specifications:

  • Composition: 6005-T5 Marine Grade Aluminum.
  • Finish: Slip-resistant powder-coated finish.
  • Outdoor Exposure: Meets AAMA-2603 Voluntary Specifications – suitable for long-term exposure to harsh conditions, naturally UV-resistant.
  • Mar–Resistant: Suitable for use with all types of outdoor furniture, grills, and accessories.
  • Strength: 100+ lb/ft2 on 24″ spans (tested to 400 lb/ft2)


Ipe Decking (pron: e-pay) is also known as Ironwood or Brazilian Hardwood. It’s an exotic hardwood dock decking option with exceptional strength. It has a fire rating similar to steel and it is naturally resistant to mildew, rot, fungal attacks, and insect damage.

The additional beauty of Ipe decking is that it is an environmentally responsible choice that compliments a low-maintenance lifestyle. It is a very durable dock wood that naturally endures the elements without the additional preservatives or chemical treatment required to protect and maintain traditional lumber.

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Wahoo Decks, our sister company, is a direct importer of top-grade Ipe decking. Because Ipe is a natural wood, subject to varying environmental conditions, each board is unique in appearance and weathers to a generally uniform look over time.

Benefits of Ipe:

Ipe is…

  • Easy to Clean: To keep your Ipe hardwood decking clean and beautiful,  you’ll just need to give it a periodic soap and water bath. *Pressure washing is not recommended.
  • Beautiful: Ipe is considered by many to be the most naturally attractive wood dock decking available.
  • Durable: Ipe is up to 3 times harder than Red Oak and 8 times harder than California Redwood.
  • Long–Lasting: Naturally resistant to insect damage, rot, mold and other types of decay, Ipe never requires painting, sealing, or waterproofing. Ipe will also remain smooth and trouble-free for many years.
  • Strong: Ipe has a high load–bearing capacity, high tensile strength, and screw pull-through resistance.

Ipe Specifications;

  • Grade: Select Grade. All heartwood, no sap.
  • Appearance: Smooth surface with minimal splinters and surface checking. Ipe generally comes in a deep red-brown and weathers to a silver patina – much like Teak – over time.
  • Maintenance: No sealing required. A periodic water bath is the only maintenance requirement for keeping Ipe beautiful.
  • Fire Rating: Class A Flame Spread Rating, the same as concrete and steel.


TimberTech XLM & Reliaboard

View All TimberTech Color Collections & Options. Also see the AZEK website.

TimberTech XLM is a premium PVC decking plank, engineered for maximum scratch, mildew, and stain resistance with a luxurious appearance.

Benefits of TimberTech XLM:

The flat-grain decking surface makes this PVC dock decking slip-resistant, and the cellular PVC construction offers a like-new look for years to come.

TimberTech XLM Features:

Primary (In Stock) Colors:

River Rock (aka “Slate Gray”)
Sand Ridge (aka “Brownstone”)
TimberTech River Rock dock decking
TimberTech XLM Sand Ridge dock decking


  • Flat Grain Surface Pattern: Exceeds ADA requirements for slip-resistant surfaces.
  • Fire Rating: Class A Flame Spread Rating, the same as is given to concrete and steel.
  • Limited Warranty: 25-Year Limited Warranty for residential applications.

TimberTech Reliaboard is a beautiful wood and plastic composite deck board that combines exceptional quality and price.

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Benefits of TimberTech Reliaboard:

TimberTech Reliaboard is not only the most cost-efficient dock decking Wahoo Docks offers, it is also extremely durable and moderately long-lasting. As with all of our boat dock decking options, TimberTech Reliaboard never requires sealing or staining and will not split, splinter, or rot.

TimberTech Reliaboard Features:

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TimberTech Reliaboard Cedar dock decking
TimberTech Reliaboard Grey boat dock decking


  • Flat Grain Surface Pattern: Exceeds ADA requirements for slip-resistant surfaces.
  • Limited Warranty: 25-Year Limited Warranty for residential applications.


Dock decking concrete pavers come in 2′ x 2′ squares and are reinforced with rebar, wire mesh, or fiberglass, depending on the application.

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Benefits of Concrete Pavers for Dock Decking:

Concrete is an extremely durable boat dock decking option, but its high heat absorption makes it mainly suitable for commercial applications.

Concrete Dock Decking Features and Attributes:

  • Stable: Does not materially degrade even with extensive exposure to sunlight and water.
  • Heavy: The most suitable material for heavy water conditions.
  • Easily Removed: Allows easy conduit access to the dock structure (applicable to large, commercial docks).
  • Mechanically Strong: Can be tailored in thickness and reinforcement to handle very heavy loads.
  • Long–Lasting: Impervious to insect damage, rot, and other types of decay common with decking composed of organic materials.

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