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Wahoo boat dock railing offers the strength and durability of commercial engineering with the beauty of residential design.

Using Wahoo Rail for your boat dock railing is the perfect complement to your boat dock’s integrity and aesthetic appeal. However, all of our dock railing options are engineered with our unwavering standards, while not compromising the beauty you desire.

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Wahoo Dock Railing Is Beautiful & Strong

offering multiple options to suit your needs & your personal taste

All of our boat dock railing options also integrate the strongest marine-grade aluminum. No matter which selection you make, you can rest assured you are getting a low-maintenance, premium, dock rail solution.


two line aluminum boat dock railing

Two-line aluminum dock railing is a premier-level boat dock railing that stands above competitive products but is our Wahoo baseline dock railing for our CAT3 boat docks. On the CAT3 dock, all other railing options are available as an upgrade.


aluminum boat dock railing picket rail

Our Wahoo picket railing provides the ability to safely and easily integrate the dock rail posts into the structural design by attaching these posts at 4” – on-center – anywhere on the deck’s surface.


aluminum boat dock rail glass panel railing

Wahoo glass picket dock railing is a boat dock rail system that is low-maintenance and will not rot, splinter or lose reliability over time. It utilizes aluminum dock rail posts with glass balusters in either clear or twilight.


aluminum boat dock railing cable rail

Our Wahoo Docks cable railing is available as an upgrade option. This boat dock railing consists of steel cables plus aluminum top rail and aluminum bottom rail that ensures your dock rail has the Wahoo strength you expect with a unique aesthetic.

Explore Your Wahoo Rail Boat Dock Railing Options

two-line & picket dock rail, glass dock railing, cable dock railing

Two-Line & Picket Rail

Wahoo Aluminum Two-Line and Aluminum Rail – A Low-Maintenance Dock Railing Solution

Wahoo Rail™ two-line aluminum boat dock rail and aluminum picket dock railing are strong, beautiful, and easy to install boat dock railing options. Both are also low-maintenance deck railing solutions that can be used to as a replacement for existing boat dock rail or on your new Wahoo boat dock. All Wahoo Rail selections include rail posts that can be safely and easily integrated into the structural design of your dock by attaching these posts at 4” on-center.

aluminum dock railing aluminum dock railing
aluminum dock railing with pickets aluminum dock railing with aluminum pickets

Aluminum & Glass Picket Rail

Wahoo Aluminum & Glass Picket Rail – Low Maintenance & Beautiful Dock Railing Option

Wahoo Rail™ aluminum post and glass picket dock railing  is built for longevity with tempered glass panels that provide an unobstructed view from the top of your boat dock deck. The pre-fabricated boat dock rail kits are comprised of top and bottom aluminum rail edging and the glass balusters – or glass rail pickets – with beveled edging. Wahoo Glass Rail comes in 36″ and 42″ heights.

wahoo glass boat dock railing 01 wahoo glass boat dock railing 02
wahoo glass boat dock railing 01 wahoo glass boat dock railing 02
wahoo glass boat dock railing 01 wahoo glass boat dock railing 02

Aluminum & Cable Railing

Wahoo Aluminum & Cable Rail – High-Strength, Unique, Dock Railing

Wahoo Rail™ aluminum post and steel cable railing  is meticulously engineered for strength and it’s unique aesthetic appeal. This is a truly unique option for the dock owner who wants to stand out from the crowd.

wahoo cable boat dock railing 01 wahoo cable boat dock railing 02

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