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So Many Boat Dock Roofing Possibilities

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aluminum boat dock roofing gable roof


aluminum dock roofing hip roof


aluminum boat dock roofing sundeck


First, you will choose your boat dock roofing style. This choice, just as your boat dock layout selection, will largely be influenced by your personal style and the functional purpose of your aluminum dock. Then, you will have the opportunity to inject a little personality into your dock project, by choosing from a wide selection of basic and custom boat dock roofing colors.

your Wahoo aluminum dock roof style options

Wahoo categorizes roof types into three basic styles — Gables, Hips, and Sun Decks.

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Important Considerations Regarding Each Roof Type:


Hip vs Gable

The most economical roofs are the Gables and Hips. Between those two options, the Hip roof offers slightly better protection from the elements and is often considered more attractive than the more cost competitive Gable.



When additional recreational space is desired or especially when a large dock footprint is not possible, our Sun Decks offer a great solution.


Sundeck with Gable

Wahoo pioneered the Sun Deck roof with Gables over a decade ago, and today, this style still stands as the most popular roof style we produce.

Let Your Personality Shine Through
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R-Panel Metal Dock Roofing

Wahoo Docks metal roof panels are constructed from heavy-duty, 26-gauge Galvalume Super R-Panel pieces, which are designed to endure significant wind and snow loads.

Wahoo docks available boat dock roof roofing styles and color colors

Wahoo metal dock roof panels feature a purlin-bearing leg on the underlap leg at the end of each panel. This additional purlin-bearing leg ensures a smooth, seamless transition from panel to panel for most colors.

Additionally, extra stitch fasteners at each end of the panel contribute to the entire roof’s strength and durability and allow the roof to remain flat and secure for a lifetime.

Finally, the roof panels are personalized with any one of our premium colors and coated with an industry leading Kynar 500 finish, backed by a 30-year limited warranty.

R-Panel Metal Dock Roofing Specifications

  • Width: 38.25″
  • Coverage: 36″
  • Rib Height: 1.25″
  • Minimum Slope: 1:12
  • Substrate: Galvalume
  • Coating: Kynar 500
  • Gauge: 26

Classic Tile Dock Roofing

Classic tile stone-coated steel dock roofing offers a stylish look while providing additional dock protection. It is a stone-coated steel roof panel built to protect against harsh weather conditions such as blizzards, tornadoes, moderate hail, or even fire.

classic tile metal roof panel for boat dock roofing

This boat dock roof system is as attractive as a traditional s-shaped mission or Spanish tile, but lighter weight than clay or concrete and also provides unmatched protection against the most extreme weather.

Each roof panel is made from high quality, 26-gauge Galvalume steel, coated with an acrylic base coat. The base coat uses proprietary resins to promote lifetime performance in all climates. The stone chips used in the coating are non-oiled, natural granite granules that improve adherence to the base coat and enhance the appearance of the panels. Finally, a clear acrylic over-glaze is applied and baked on at a high heat to produce a gorgeous dock roof with long-lasting, durable, and fade-resistant protection.

Class Tile Dock Roofing Product Details:

  • Non-combustible steel
  • Lighter than traditional terracotta tiles
  • Warrantied against 2.5″ hail stones and up to 120mph winds
  • Guaranteed not to crack, curl, or rot

Class Tile Dock Roofing Dimensions:

  • Panel Width: 16.5″
  • Panel Length: 45″
  • Weight: 1.32 lb/ft2

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