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Wahoo Dock Essentials

we can deliver the dock of your dreams

Don’t let the dock design process overwhelm you! It should be FUN!

we understand choosing to build or remodel your dock is a BIG THING

We understand that you have questions and you want to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to be sure you’re making wise decisions. We also understand that the company you choose to build or re-build your dock – and the materials they use – must be trustworthy and second-to-none in terms of quality and craftsmanship. We understand that you want the most beautiful, the safest, and the highest-value dock on the market that requires the least amount of upkeep and maintenance as possible.

We understand the level of trust this entails and plan to earn that trust now, during construction, and indefinitely.


To Designing the Perfect Dock for You!

Step 1

get educated about dock basics

you’ll get…

  • A micro-course on floating docks
  • The info you need for a smart dock purchase
  • Why an aluminum dock is your best choice
  • The various Wahoo Docks dock components
  • How our docks are the best docks for the environment
  • How our business and dock delivery model benefit YOU

Step 2

choose your dock strength

you’ll discover…

  • How the Wahoo CAT3 & CAT5 aluminum docks provide uncompromised strength & beauty
  • Why a Wahoo dock is the strongest dock on the market
  • Our patented dock construction options and how they consistently outperform our competition

Step 3

decide how you'll use your dock

you’ll consider…

Why you want a dock and how you’ll use it—answering questions like…

  • What do you plan to do on the water?
  • How many watercraft do you – or will you – own?

The answers to the above questions will help you decide if you need: a platform dock; single slip dock; double slip dock; a dock with a PWC slip or slips; or even a custom dock design—crafted just for you!

Step 7

hammer down your roof choice

you’ll see…

  • Why whether you go with a “dock hip roof“, “dock gable roof“, or “dock sundeck” is just the first of your dock roofing choices
  • How your many dock roof options – style, color, cupola variations, etc. – allow you to totally customize and personalize your dock

Step 5

evaluate anchoring options

you’ll come to understand…

  • How dock anchoring method & quality directly impact durability
  • Why our expertise ensures your dock anchoring is done right
  • Why we say our dock anchoring methods are better than those of our competition
  • That ALL Wahoo dock dealers have extensive training and experience in helping you select the best anchoring method for YOUR dock and employing your chosen anchoring style on your dock

Step 6

determine how to bridge the gap

you’ll find out…

  • Why it’s “all about that connection
  • How our dock gangways combine maximum strength, utility and aesthetics
  • You have three gangway connection options for the dock side & five gangway options for the shore

Step 4

explore different decking choices

you’ll learn…

  • What aesthetically pleasing, fabulously functional, dock decking options are available
  • How your dock decking selection defines your dock’s utility & beauty
  • In-depth info about the low-maintenance, top-quality dock decking surface options you can choose from for your Wahoo dock

Step 8

customize to your heart's content

you can…

  • Add accessories like our 4-step dock ladder, dog dock ladder, PWC lift, or powder-coated kayak rack (we can even provide the kayak too!)“
  • Throw in some dock furniture—such as a Captain’s Chair, dock bench, dock umbrella, or our famous ‘dock relaxation station
  • Also choose from some additional dock protection and durability features and add-ons that truly make YOUR Wahoo dock one-of-a-kind!

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