Wahoo Marine - Commercial Marine Construction Project Experience

trusted with the world's largest commercial marine projects


Over the last twenty years, Wahoo Docks has built and/or constructed commercial marine facilities for some of the world’s largest (and smallest!) marinas—both inland and coastal.

We have performed commercial marine construction in some of the coldest climates of Canada and some of the warmest climates in the Caribbean; our commercial docks and platforms are found in every imaginable environment, accommodating wide-ranging water conditions and service needs. The common denominator in all of our installations is unparalleled ease of maintenance, durability, and enhanced appearance. This gives owners who choose Wahoo Marine as their commercial dock builder an edge against competitive facilities.

In short, our commercial docks and other commercial marine installations offer a cost-effective way to establish your marina as the premier provider of docking services in your market.

floating dock marina lodge aluminum floating dock

Community Docks

Our floating docks uniquely blend aesthetic appeal, durability, and low maintenance, making our boat dock systems the perfect fit for developers looking to showcase their property in the best light possible.

mountain trout house canada from wahoo docks floating aluminum docks

Waterfront developments typically feature boat docks for each property adjacent to the water and/or a community dock with multiple slips. This provides boat dock access for property owners without direct water frontage. Why is a Wahoo floating dock the best choice for such a project?

Our boat docks are the ideal combination of function and aesthetic appeal. They are superb in terms of construction and have a finish favored by most high-end home builders. Due to our extensive experience in this area, we add a lot of value to developers regarding the layout, design features, and permitting process involved in constructing community docks, or even individual docks within a development. This allows our clients to focus their efforts on their areas of expertise, leaving the docking issues to us!

This has made Wahoo docks a natural choice for commercial marine construction projects such as community docks for many years. In short, our reliability and the comprehensive approach we take with each project makes us an invaluable partner for waterfront community developers.

Public Docks

Public docks and public gangways have become increasingly common with the rise in popularity of recreational activities on public waterways.

Each year, we work with a wide range of public and private organizations to design and install docks and gangways that are uniquely tailored to their locations and desired utility. Because of our broad experience and our knowledge of the safety, regulatory, and practical matters as they relate to public use docks, we deliver value to our public access commercial marine clients that extends far beyond that of a boat dock construction provider.

As a result, we’ve become the go-to vendor for a number of government entities and their commercial marine needs. Some past clients include: USACE, various state DNR, TVA, Navy, Army, Marines, Coast Guard and many others.

fishing pier dock Wedowee from Wahoo docks floating aluminum docks

Kayaks & Rowing Docks

We produce a variety of standard-setting commercial rowing docks for a range of rowing clubs and government entities.

aluminum rowing platform low profile dock from wahoo docks floating docks
low profile rowing platform with dock floats from wahoo docks aluminum docks

The specs are pretty impressive….

6” of freeboard for easy watercraft launch and removal

100% flotation for stability and structural balance

IPE hardwood surface for comfort and longevity

Structural aluminum frame for stiffness and durability

We wrap the perimeter of the dock in our proprietary frame bumper to protect expensive hulls

Our rowing dock combines every advantageous feature we could imagine to provide a long lasting, durable, beautiful and functional launch suitable for a novice to world-class rower.

Floating Stores, Offices, & Cabins

Some of the most unique docks we have provided are variations on the boathouse such as floating stores, floating offices, and floating cabins.

As the largest manufacturer of custom docks in North America, you may imagine that we have seen our fair share of unique applications. Usually, these are part of a larger marina slip project, but they have also been stand-alone floating building or boathouse projects.

We are typically selected for these projects because of our experienced in-house engineering team and the general strength and longevity of our designs.