Why Wahoo Marine - For Your Commercial Marine Construction Projects

experience counts when it matters the most

At Wahoo Docks, we approach our commercial dock construction relationships in a holistic manner.

We take responsibility for the success of each of our commercial marine construction projects and work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and to provide guidance drawn from our experience completing hundreds of similar projects.

Our aim is to provide quality complete commercial marine construction solutions to our clients, rather than be a component supplier for a project that may or may not best perform its desired function. This 3-fold philosophy – product quality, operational efficiency, and client service – is the basis for our reputation as the premier provider of commercial aluminum docks and commercial marine construction projects in North America.

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the Wahoo Marine difference

Function & Aesthetics... By Design

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State of the Art Engineering

The engineering features of any Wahoo aluminum dock are present long before our MIG welding begins. You could say it started back in 2007 with the approval of our patented dock design.

Or, you could say it started with the completion of our proprietary aluminum dock design software, that took over five man-years to develop. Or, it could be argued that it started with the minds of our engineers who have decades of dock design experience under their belts. Regardless, our goal with our Wahoo Marine commercial dock construction projects is to engineer and deliver maximum value to our clients through extensive feature benefits and cost management. Our docks are superior because of the methodical approach we take to material selection, the development and application of our patented and proprietary component parts and our unique dock design principles.

Wahoo Docks is widely regarded as the industry leader in aluminum dock / floating dock design & manufacturing for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction and this honor is the result of our efforts to be the best in the business along every aspect of the dock business.

on the cutting-edge

Industry-Leading Technology

DOTS - Design & Order Tracking System

At the heart of our operations is an in-house, state of the art computer software system, DOTS. This technology enables us to ensure accurate scheduling, efficient project and inventory management, and shipping logistics of all of our dock construction projects. More impressively, DOTS uses our proprietary algorithms to design each and every dock we build, render it to 2- and 3-dimensional models for our engineers to analyze, and create manufacturing and installation schematics to ensure that each dock we deliver meets Wahoo Docks quality standards.

Flotation Analysis

Every floating dock we build is run through our in-house developed, finite element analysis program that computes the optimal flotation for the structure. This custom program ensures that the dock floats level and that it has enough flotation to adequately support any live-loading to which it may be subjected.


Every Wahoo dock is designed using our proprietary software that calculates each component and creates a 3-D representation of the entire structure. The program examines the impact, influences and interaction between the components from a mechanical standpoint and provides a useful method to assess the spatial relationships among the dock components.

never settle for second-best

Buying Power + Premium Materials = Customer Satisfaction

At Wahoo, we have the expertise and the buying power to select and use the most suitable materials for every part of the dock.

For every component, we have assessed its durability, longevity and aesthetic requirements before deciding on the material used and have invested in the appropriate tooling to deliver the highest value product possible.

To this end, three major categories of materials are used:

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6061-T6 Marine Grade Aluminum (all structural members)

The tensile strength of 6061-T6 aluminum is similar to steel, and its weathering properties are significantly better. This is the only aluminum we use for all structural members.

Stainless Steel (fasteners and other hardware)

Stainless steel has good compatibility with aluminum yet adds strength, hardness and longevity.

HDPE and UHMW-PE (bumpers & bushings)

Different plastics provide a durable, long lasting insulation barrier between boat-to-dock contact and metal-to-metal contact on the structure.